TruLife. TruMeaning.

Our mission is to nurture growth in our residents through relationships, excellence, and service to their communities.

TruLife Communities is an experienced real estate investment firm with a passion for life. This passion drives us as we provide services for homes, communities, and families of all sizes. We believe in more than just living. We believe in creating a life worth living.

Communities That Inspire Growth

We design our communities with the well-being, quality of life, and growth potential of our residents in mind. Whether you want privacy or fellowship, TruLife Communities will inspire you to live your TruLife.
An older man carries his grandson on his shoulders.


Truthful - founded in honesty and integrity; we strive to be truthful with others at work, at home, and our community.

• Act Intentionally to Create Good Reputations
• Build Strong and Helpful Relationships
• Do Good for Others

Relational - founded in strength of character and treatment of others, we can enhance our lives at work, at home, and in the community.

• Positive and Loving Connections
• Encouraging and Hopeful Interactions
• Practice Peaceful Patience with Others

Unified - founded in harmony, we make every effort to live united with others regardless of beliefs and differences at work, at home, and in the community.

• Share Our Concerns Agreeably
• Think of Others as Ourselves
• Use Our Unique Gifts to Strengthen Connections

Loved - founded in mercy and grace, we connect and show love to one another as families, friends, and community members.

• See Others and Relate to Them
• Look Beyond Faults and Failures to Forgive
• Support Others Instead of Condemn

Impactful - Founded in how to be a positive influence, a “let our light shine” kind of action with others in a positive way by being a leader, teacher, or friend.

• Provide One on One Help: Be a Friend
• Generously Give of Your Time and Talents
• Create Positive and Long-Term Connections

Faithful - founded in strength of character and treatment of others, we can enhance our lives at work, at home, and in the community.

• Demonstrate Kindness and Goodness in Actions
• Grow Our Faith and Share With Others
• Turn Toward a Higher Power for Guidance

Empowered - Founded in authority, we are stronger and more confident when we are equipped, educated, and enlightened.

• Seek Out Training, Education, and/or Mentors
• Use What You Learn to Serve Self and Others
• Work on Personal Enlightenment, Seek a Higher Power


TruLife is dedicated to the acquisition, development, renovation, and management of single-family rental homes and multi-family communities.


Identify, acquire and entitle well located properties for residential development.


Prepare an efficient construction plan to develop a cost-effective budget and critical work schedule.


Provide infrastructure improvements and upgrades that aligns with our TruLife vision for our residents.


Solution-oriented management targeted and customized for each property with its demographic scope and unique complexities.